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HELLO THERE! This community is rather dead, ahaha, but I do hope at least someone will see this.

I am about to play Light at bnf_brawl , which is a community where you can virtually do ANYTHING with your character. Characters are aware that they are 'characters' in a series, and they can even read their own manga (whether or not that would be 'the future' for them is the mun's decision. Some muns have chosen the option of making their characters exist outside canon).

Basically, other characters could have read Death Note(and they probably have), so PEOPLE KNOW THAT LIGHT IS KIRA.

What do I do? He could deny everything, but the hard evidence, the manga, is right there.


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Dec. 8th, 2008 01:36 am (UTC)
Claim that after reading the series from an outside perspective, he's realized the error of his ways and is now dutifully repentant...? I mean, er, it probably... won't work... at all, but no other solution springs to mind at the moment. Still, comparing the beginning and end of the series Light shows drastic differences and if your Light capitalizes on that, the horrors his family suffered, and the impact on the world at large...


Okay, so this really depends a ton on exactly what point in time you take Light from. I mean, there's the obvious easy out of him claiming he's from the point where he has no memories of his time as Kira and is therefore (mostly) harmless, and therefore repulsed by the change and all that whatnot mentioned above, but that would necessitate him being from roughly around the time of his voluntary incarceration (when he still has his memories) to make that possibility even remotely plausible. That might put him at some disadvantage age-wise... somehow, but I'm sure he could catch up knowledge-wise through studying the manga and through other means.

AND YEAH, this community is fairly dead. |D;;; I should probably advertise it somewhere orrrr ask others to do the same. More likely I should hand it over to someone more enthusiastic about the prospect of managing it, which I actually intend to do at some point in the near future, but there ya go. AT ANY RATE, welcome to the community and thank you for asking this question and hopefully prodding it back into life (or something like it) as a result. Hopefully.
Dec. 8th, 2008 05:07 am (UTC)
The base of your argument has to come from what point in the series your Light comes from.

As subversive mentioned, being pre-timeskip Light could give him the cover of not actually being Kira for some time, but if your going for the older, crazier Light then he might pull what he tried to with Near and go on a rant about how rightous Kira is and how the world needed him. The manga doesn't show to much about the state of the world, and even if what it does show isn't to pleasant, it also says that many people were beginning to agree with Kira. You can't prove something with a lack of evidence and as far as I remember, the manga went as the creators wished and did not go into the subject of good/bad, white/black morals. What evidence do they have that the world is any worse for what Kira is doing for it? The veiwpoint of the detectives that never gave that way of thinking a chance? The wussy president that was afraid of being judged, when the only 'innocent persons' Light killed where those that openly went against him, that threatened him? What about the viewpoint of supporters, where Kira IS making the world a better place to be?

What I'm saying is that you should use the evidence, the manga, against them if you can. Build a convincible argument, act accordingly, and stick with it.
Dec. 9th, 2008 02:16 pm (UTC)
Without knowing too much about that particular setting? I'd be inclined to try and have him brazen it out. Play innocent until it finally comes up, then say yes, he's Kira, he had his reasons, but that doesn't give him any reason to act antisocially just for the sake of it - he's got his own world to put to rights, get back to, etc. The RP setting is not his concern - nothing to do with him.

This falls down when other DN characters get involved, which is when it becomes a game of who knows how much, what point in the timeline they're from, are they from a parallel universe (in which case you can use the Somebody Else's Problem tactic again), cat and mouse, etc, etc.

Basically, "I'm far too busy and important to run around killing people *here*, and also, it would go against my lofty principles, peasant."
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