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Hello, Community~

This is one of your mods, Rei stepping in!

This community is dead. But you knew that, didn't you?

I think that we should pimp this community so that other RPers that play Light will have a place to go when they're tired out. (Or if they're like me and got killed during the RP)

Who's with me?


RP Partner Please?

If not allowed, you can delete this.

I posted this to an RP ad community and haven't gotten any replies there yet, so I thought I'd spread it around.

My Light-muse is quite demanding when he's active, so leaving him alone usually drives me nuts, lol. So, I usually take him out to play whenever possible, but most of the people I used to RP Death Note with have either moved on to other fandoms or have very limited access to the internet right now. So, I'm looking for new RP partners, preferably over AIM or text instead of livejournal as I can reply to AIM and text mobile-y and it's just much more convenient.

Do not hesitate to IM me when I'm mobile! I check my text messages all the time and have unlimited text. It's a very convenient way for me to RP. :)

Anyway, here's the RP ad:

Name: Heather
LJ: sorakachan
Email: sorakachan21@gmail.com
MSN/AIM/YIM: AIM: Sorakachan, MSN: Sorakachan21@hotmail.com (Never e-mail this address, I never check it)
Timezone: Eastern US

Series you RP: Right now I'm primarily looking for Death Note.
Characters you RP: Light, BB, Matsuda
Characters you’re looking to interact with: Most anyone, just ask. My preferred couples are Light/Matsuda (usually one-sided), Light/L, Light/Ryuk (Yeah, I know, you can shoot me if you like), Light/BB (if anyone can figure out how to make this work, I'd love you forever), BB/L, BB/Mello (usually one-sided or little boy crush type things). I also RP a lot of other couples, just suggest what you'd like.

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I prefer angsty stuff and storylines that have a lot of plot even if there's a lot of smut. There doesn't need to be a lot of smut, I just prefer a good plot over a PWP so if there is, be prepared to back up the sexual experiences with a good amount of plot.

Do you smut?: Yes, if we don't RP the smut even in a primarily plot-based RP it feels wierd.

Is there anything else you would like to add?: No OCs please. :( Sorry. Also, please be accepting of short replies. I have a busy schedule right now so short replies are preferable. Also, when playing Light, I prefer to play him with memories in tact. I can play him otherwise, but it's just preferable to play the cold, sociopathic bastard the way he truly is.

So long and thanks for all the fish?

Orrr something, Idk. Anyhow, please say hello to your new mods (I, uhhh, couldn't decide if I should just give it to one of you, so I decided to do both), dragnclaw and reikai_chibi.

I'll be taking my leave now, so... well, thank you? |D;; And I wish you all the very best!



Right, now that I (hopefully) have your attention, I'd like to ask once more if anyone wants to have this community. I'm no longer interested in running it, activity's just about disappeared anyway, annnnd I dropped my Light almost a year ago now, so it... well, yes. Anyone want it? If not, I might end up just deleting it. :x SO, if you're interested in at least keeping it around, please comment and I'll transfer it over to you.

Community for sale/free?

RIGHT, so as I'm sure people have noticed by now, I've pretty much lost interest in this community/it is dead. In the interests of allowing someone else to take the reins and possibly inject some new life into it, I say this:

Would anyone like to have this community?

BASICALLY, just comment here saying who you are and why you want it and I'll probably just hand it over. /)_- I'm not especially picky and there's not much of a basis for picking out new maintainers when there's, eh, not much community history to judge activity by or whatever, so. Just comment away. |D;
HELLO THERE! This community is rather dead, ahaha, but I do hope at least someone will see this.

I am about to play Light at bnf_brawl , which is a community where you can virtually do ANYTHING with your character. Characters are aware that they are 'characters' in a series, and they can even read their own manga (whether or not that would be 'the future' for them is the mun's decision. Some muns have chosen the option of making their characters exist outside canon).

Basically, other characters could have read Death Note(and they probably have), so PEOPLE KNOW THAT LIGHT IS KIRA.

What do I do? He could deny everything, but the hard evidence, the manga, is right there.


I'm kat, and I'm just started RPing as Light a few days ago because that crazy bastard lovely young man hijacked my mind and muse, and I was left with, more or less, no choice. xD (This involved cramming 60 chapters of Death Note in a relatively short time-span, since I had never read DN beforehand.)

I'm still a bit unfamiliar with playing as him and I've come to ask for help!

You see, my Light (gilded_dawn in enlevement ) is from chapter 17,  and well, we have a post-death Misora Naomi (not to mention a Misa, Yagami Sachiko, Ryuuk, and a B; everyone but B is from a later time than Light), and she adressed him as Kira, and I/my Light!muse have no freaking clue how to reply to her. (The only options he can come up with are ones that wouldn't work...)

(Light is already frustrated at the fact that his Death Note is of no use in Enlev, that his mother doesn't understand  that they're from different times, and that a girl is constantly proclaiming her love for him, and also doesn't understand that they're from different times.)
He's doing a good job of playing nice for the moment in order to gain people's trust, learn about the situation, etc., but I have no clue what to do with him in this situation.
I'm also not sure I'm playing him correctly, and I'm hoping that someone could give me some advice.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. ♥

This is probably only interesting to me, but just out of curiosity, does anyone have any particular CD, soundtrack, band, composer, or whatever type of music thing that you listen to while writing/trying to write for Light? If so, do tell. Why? ... Because. I don't know, why the hell not?

... Annnnd as for my answer, I tend to stick with either my usual assortment of random crap (read as... well, an assortment of random crap), certain tracks off the Death Note OSTs, or complete silence depending on how poorly my brain is functioning. Tracks of the OSTs are usually... too many to list, as are the exact contents of the aforementioned assortment of random crap. Yes, yes I do find your potential answers to be far more interesting than anything I could possibly say, why do you ask? I'll try to be more specific later, promise. D|
Here's another question for you. It's not so much discussion as it is an excuse for you to go on a TL;DR ramble/rant if it so pleases you, but it should be fun and that's reason enough to do it, right? I'd also like to emphasize here that while you're allowed to respectfully disagree with one another, at least in my book, you are to remain rational if any discussions-- NOT ARGUMENTS, mind you-- arise with your fellow Light-muns.*

After all, you can't spell "rational" without "Raito"-- *shot*

So. How would you say your own personal beliefs, values, life experiences, etc. have influenced (or not influenced, if you're at a loss here |D;;) the way you play Light or otherwise view/interpret his actions and his character, if at all? (Feel free to include philosophy or religion or whatever the heck else you want that you think may apply.) I guess this is a sort of beating-around-the-bush way of asking how you view the whole Kira thing and whether or not you agree/disagree and why, but I think viewing it in those terms isn't necessarily a good thing (or a bad thing, for the record) for... well, anyone. ... Uh, look for my eventual answer to find out why, I suppose, but yeah. D| And I'd say the beating-around-the-bush version is a much more complete one anyway because it doesn't limit the field to that whole Kira shebang. I should write essay questions.

... UM, BUT YEAH. I think it would be interesting to read people's perspectives on this, so~ please reply if you can/at your own convenience.

*And I don't mean that I expect people to start going insane at each other in the comments. I'M JUST PARANOID. UNREASONABLY SO. The Kira thing just seems like something people might become stubborn about, so um... h-hi. D|

o haiiiiii

because i like posting discussion-y questions, apparently, i have another one for you all:

does your lighto have a misa to play with? and if the answer to that is YES, how does s/he act around him/her, given the circumstances of WHERE they are - and WHY?

inquiring minds want to know.