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o haiiiiii

because i like posting discussion-y questions, apparently, i have another one for you all:

does your lighto have a misa to play with? and if the answer to that is YES, how does s/he act around him/her, given the circumstances of WHERE they are - and WHY?

inquiring minds want to know.

HALLO again.

yes, i have another discussion-y question to bug my fellow raitos with! this is relevant to a plot line in one of my rpgs, and i'm hitting a bit of a wall, so i'd really like to pick YOUR brains for additional ideas.

OK THEN. my question is - what do you think is light's absolute worst nightmare? [i'm talking about kira!light, by the way.] i'm struggling to come up with something that isn't totally vague, like "loss of control" or something.

so yes. your thoughts, plz. GO!
This is actually a brief sort of question, but WHATEVER, here it is anyway. Ah, and this one is sort of... well, you'll see.

Why do you think Light RPers are so hard to come by? I was wondering about this after that one post in rp_secrets where the topic was brought up, and since I think we're probably in a unique position to answer this (...that sounds so egotistical D|), I figured I'd pose it to you guys and see what you have to say. |D;

Also, OPTIONAL QUESTION: if you were to RP someone from Death note that wasn't Light, who would you pick and why?

Before We Begin...

Hello! My name is Zeda- I'm the co-moderator of mello_me_out and I've been RPing Mello since Fall of last year. I don't have a very long career in RPing established characters- for the 8 years I've been RPing, I've mostly played as OCs in private, one-on-one player games. I've played a lot of character types throughout the years and found that getting into playing characters that aren't my own creation, characters like those from Death Note, is an interesting and new challenge for me. Now, I tell you all of this as a preface because I have a few questions and I'd LOVE to hear some input from seasoned Light players.

I have decided to play Light in a small minigame with a few friends of mine come summer time. The problem for me here is that I have no idea where to begin with getting into his character. I have some questions for you all, and it would be a GREAT HELP to me if you can tell me how you get into the spirit of playing Light in a game:

What are some good words to describe the core of your Light's personality? The way that you play him, is his ambition driven by greed? Idealism? Genuine evil or misguided virtue? What are some other aspects of Light's personality, ego or moral code that greatly determine the way that you express his character in-game? Is he a pathological liar? A fabulous actor? Truly convinced of his own sincerity...?

Thank you in advance for your input!

another discussion-y question, oooh!

so, i've had this topic on my brain for a while now, and it's kinda piggybacking on the sociopath discussion, since it seems there are no votes in favor of light = sociopath ...

at what point, in canon, would you say light stops being a redeemable character? or, put another way, where would you say he turns into a complete monster/lost cause?

i'm not entirely sure what MY answer to this question is, and it's very relevant to one of the lights i currently rp, so i'm very interested to hear what everyone else thinks on the subject.
Here is where the ball, which has long since stopped rolling, is forcefully kicked in the figgin to get it moving again.

IN OTHER WORDS, question time! I'm sure all of you just love being randomly interrogated, don't you? Like that doesn't happen to Light often enough. :| (No, that was not the question; just me being a dink.)

So. WHAT MADE YOU FIRST INTERESTED IN PLAYING LIGHT? Or just him as a character, really. Was it something in particular that struck you about him, harassment from your friends, some awesome DN RPer you spotted in a game somewhere, or some other thing? Would you say you're more interested in playing him now than ever, or has the novelty worn off, or has your interest remained fairly consistent?

And anything related to that, really! Why not? I'M CURIOUS.

EDIT: Also, anticipate a prettier info page and a new layout at some point in the future because I feel the need to be needlessly (ha) competitive with the folks over at what_the_l. YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY, ADMIT IT.

ok, i'm taking the bait.

MOAR POSTS, as requested! hope this is relevant to the interests community.

here's my question - what are your thoughts on yaoi au vs. ou light? i'm curious because i play a rather au light [emo_raito] and i'm new to this whole rpg thing, so i'm kinda nervous about DOIN IT WRONG. i'd like to hear how my fellow raitos feel on the subject.

actually, come to think of it, i'd also like to know your thoughts on yaoi as well. ;D [as it relates to raito, of course.]

Oh, how I love spamming this community.

First off, you may or may not have noticed the explosion of communities similar to this one-- well, I say explosion, but it's more like... a small burst? A sneeze, even, if a particularly violent one. ... WELL, either way, there now exist/will exist communities for people who role-play (roleplay? whatever) Matt, Mello, and Near, all three of which are now listed in the affiliates section of our profile page.

Also, you might also notice that we now have rules, which can also be found on the aforementioned page. The one about excessive swearing may be treated as a guideline, considering my own propensity to break out in incoherent, curse-laden rants, but the rest of them are Rules to Be Followed. I realize that the whole mod enforcement thing might be an issue because I'm hard to get a hold of at the best of times (aka a complete recluse), but if you drop me a line on my LJ, I should get back to you fairly quickly. Then again, this community is still pretty sleepy, so I doubt it'll be an issue. |D;

LASTLY, a question, which I will again admit is pilfered in part from some of the other communities (I had some creativity, but I eated it): what's been the hardest part of playing Light for you? Feel free to include some mention of his dizzying intellect if it pleases you. :x And I'll include my own answers in a comment because I feel egotistical enough already for rambling for so long here.

... Okay, no, there's one more thing. Lastly lastly, please feel free to contribute anything relevant to the community? Like, for instance, this, this, this, and, hell, this. Some things to look out for when your Light is lying/wants to give the impression he's lying/is trying to detect lies in other people. Hey, you might even find it useful IRL. Who knows? So don't worry about posting stuff to the comm or whatever. It's totally cool. :| Yes, this is my incredibly unsubtle plea for people to post more. Shhhh, pretend you can't tell.

General sort of discussion question.

So, what's your stance on the whole "Light = sociopath Y/N" thing? I've heard opinions on both sides and seen valid points for each, and, well, obviously it struck me as something worth hearing your thoughts on... |D;;

Feel free to cite examples from canon and/or the version of Light you play wherever. Which sociopathic traits does he display, if any? Which does he not? How does the Death Note factor into all of this? What about Light's relationships with Misa and Takada?

... And if you need a handy definition of sociopath/psychopath, Google exists for a reason. Failing that, Wikipedia exists for a reason. I wish I had a copy of the DSM-IV-TR. DX

And I'll post my own answers when I'm not horribly busy, oh god.

... Right.

So, in the spirit of "Why yes, yes I totally am just basing everything I'm doing with this community off of what I saw what_the_l do" (I was goaded into making this community, yes, shhh. Pretend you don't know), here is a general sort of INTRODUCE YOURSELF and your Light(s), if applicable. Brief background of the game they're in and what they've been doing, again if applicable, would also be appreciated, especially since if you're going to be asking questions about what our opinions are on possible future actions they can take, how you're doing, etc. (... if applicable), it's quicker for everyone involved if you don't need to repeat yourself.

My ego, let me show you it.Collapse )

Well, that was exciting. What about you guys?

EDIT: Oh yes, and if anyone could suggest an appropriate slogan, that'd be fantastic. So far, the only thing that springs to mind is "Mr. Raito: Because thinking is hard, damn it!" and yeah, I'm not sure that's the kinda thing we want to go for.